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Indoor Soccer Registration


Indoor soccer is a fast paced and exciting game to play. There are not many stoppages thus allowing the players to get lots of field time. The games are all played at the three indoor centers. So weather is not an issue like outdoor soccer can be. The indoor game is also a great way for your player to stay active with their skill development and activity level. So come out and have some fun with the Steele Heights Tigers soccer teams.



Another Indoor soccer season is fast approaching for the 2018/19 season . Registrations will take place in the month of AUGUST and SEPTEMBER this season. Also if you can NOT make one of the dates please Contact Me : in advance so I can make sure we hold a spot for your Player or Players .

The 2018\19 Steele Heights Indoor Soccer registration is Finally Here .


DATES                                                    TIMES                                LOCATION


MONDAY         AUGUST 13th             6pm to 9pm              Steele Heights Hall : 5825-140 Ave


SUNDAY           AUGUST  19th             6pm to 9pm             Steele Heights Hall : 5825-140 Ave


MONDAY         AUGUST 27th             6pm to 9pm              Steele Heights Hall : 5825-140 Ave


WEDNESDAY   SEPTEMBER                6pm to 9pm              Steele Heights Hall : 5825-140 Ave


SUNDAY           SEPTEMBER                6pm to 9pm              Steele Heights Hall : 5825-140 Ave


** CASH or CHECK or E- TRANSFER are accepted forms of Payment **


   *** Each Family has to Complete 1 Volunteer Commitment of a BINGO or SOCCER EVENT ***

          ** This event is Held by a Post dated Check of $175 dated for the Date of the event **

  * You can also PAYOUT the Volunteer Commitment with a $175 and Not do the commitment *


Also a VALID 2018\19 COMMUNITY LEAGUE MEMBERSHIP IS NEEDED . You can purchase a Membership

at Any of the Registration dates for $ 25 .


AGE  GROUPS             BIRTH YEARS                       SOCCER FEES FOR 2018\19


  U5                                2014                                     $ 155.00   

  U7                            2012/2013                              $ 230.00

  U9                            2010/2011                              $ 280.00

  U11                          2008/2009                              $ 280.00     

  U13                          2006/2007                              $ 280.00

  U15                          2004/2005                              $ 285.00

  U17                          2002/2003                              $ 285.00

  U19                          2000/2001                              $ 285.00


            ** CASH or CHECK or E-TRANSFER Accepted for Payment of Soccer Fees and Membership **

*** If a Player requests to move up an Age Group it is at the Steele Heights Soccer Directors Discretion **



                                         ** OF THE SOCCER REGISTRATION DATES LISTED **


See everyone soon for Another Exciting Steele Heights Tigers Indoor Soccer Season