Our snowplow day is EVERY MONDAY (when snow pack is 5 cm or more) for Steele Heights Community League. This season, areas that for whatever reason could not be completed on their designated days will be finished over the course of the weekend instead of having crews return the following week. Roadway Maintenance will send a Public Service Announcement and post online which neighbourhoods were not completed and where crews will be returning on Saturday and Sunday to finish.

Blading is on the same day of the week all winter in your area.
Crews can be on your street any time during the 24 hours designated.
Make sure they have complete and clear access to the roads during your area’s snow day.
Be sure to check out http://www.Edmonton.ca/winterroads for further details.

The map listed below shows the area Steele Heights Community League and surrounding neighbourhoods are scheduled for Monday snowplow blading.